Our Mission


Thanks for joining our team as we embark on our journey.

We're here to spread the word about Healthy Fats. There's so much research showing the benefits of the right balance of fats - from reducing inflammation to joint health to mental sharpness and improved mood to so much more - that we've made them our sole focus.

The Healthy Fats Co. emerged from 3 core beliefs:

  • Fats aren’t just good for you, they’re imperative for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Food is and always will be the best source of nutrients, but it’s difficult - and sometimes impossible - to achieve the right mix of fats from diet alone.
  • Health is a journey, not a destination. And like all great journeys, the optimal health journey is better with a partner to celebrate the highs and power you through the lows.  

Regardless of whether this is the first you’re hearing of the idea of a healthy fat or you’ve been measuring your mono-saturated fats intake for years, the Healthy Fats Co. exists to  redefine your relationship with fats and get you closer to your full health potential.

In a perfect world every  meal would include exactly the right amount of healthy fats to keep you at peak mental and physical performance. In practice that can be pretty difficult to pull off. Our first line of supplement products are designed to push past the limitations of the standard Western diet and get you closer to your healthy potential. 

Thanks for joining our us on our journey to making the world a healthier place, one bite at a time.


-The Healthy Fats Co. Team